Have you been suffering from hemorrhoids for a long time, and have tried so many treatments but nothing much seems to work? Do you live in Holland and have looked for hämorrhoiden behandlung, or hemorrhoid treatments, for several years but to little avail?

If so, it may be time to look at other ways of treating your hemorrhoids that you may not have thought of before. Even if it means trying something a little bit unusual.

First try every over the counter brand you can— Before you try an alternative hämorrhoiden behandlung or hemorrhoid treatment, do be sure you have tried every over the counter treatment available.

This is because one extra ingredient really can make a difference in how your hemorrhoids react, so do be sure you have tried everything you can before you move on to something else.

Alternative hämorrhoiden behandlung— One of the most popular ways to shrink your hemorrhoids is to eat more fiber. This can come in the way of more fruit, cereals, granola, even beans and whole grains. Having the right amount of fiber, or not having it, is often a cause of hemorrhoids. Improving your fiber intake can really help.

You can also use witch hazel, which you would apply to the area around your anus. This soothes it and, over time, will often cause your hemorrhoids to reduce in size instead of swelling.

Petroleum jelly applied to the anal area can also soothe and shrink hemorrhoids. It is also cheap to buy and lasts for a long time.

Ask your doctor— Remember, though, before you try any of these or other alternative treatments, do be sure to ask your doctor if he thinks they are safe and are not likely to make your hemorrhoids even worse. Learn more about hämorrhoiden behandlung come visit us at our site.


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